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New Year, New Name: Powertec Engineering Becomes Radical Performance Engines

5th January 2011

The world's leading small-capacity racing engine manufacturer for over a decade, Powertec Engineering enters 2011 with news of an extensive rebranding and business overhaul, changes of benefit to both its customers and suppliers.

Radical Performance Engines (RPE) is the new name for Powertec, demonstrating the business' growing ties with parent company Radical Motorsport Ltd.

With a range of four and eight-cylinder engines from 1,000-3,400cc, RPE have excelled in a range of disciplines on and off road. Testament to this is RPE's association with Radical Sportscars, to whom RPE have supplied engines since 1997.

The name change coincides with a number of behind-the-scenes changes, that increase the development, communication and quality control ties between engine and chassis/powertrain staff even further, within the Radical group. Customers can expect even better service, RPE recruiting additional staff in recent weeks in response to the growth of the business.

Another important step forward is in the redevelopment of RPE's new website. offers visitors a greater wealth of information on the current range of engines, transmissions and tuning products, with buyers directed to a new, more intuitive and comprehensive online shop. This new online portal also has many synergies with upcoming improvements in Radical Sportscars' own website; check back soon at to find out more.